Monday, August 23, 2010

General Quiz (GEN-1)

1. Obelix (of Asterix fame) gets angry when he hears a three letter word. Which one?

2. Around the 1900s, an American vendor selling cooked frankfurters supposedly called them ”hot ______ sausages” as they resembled the long bodied dog. Later the hot dog term came to be used for the same thing. Give the original name.

3. Connect - golden delicious, empire, Rome beauty and gala.

4. This South American soccer star has a rare distinction of scoring 2 hat tricks in the world cup and a total tally of 10 goals. Who is he?

5. This word connects a famous cartoon, a desert in a Australia, a cricketer who was appointed as coaching consultant to India and two sisters from the music world. Which one?

Answers go here. Deadline - Tuesday, 24th August at 2359 hrs.