Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quiz of the Week 2 (QOTW-2)

1. In the 70’s, diplomatic relations between two large countries greatly improved after a series of table tennis matches played between the players of these two countries. Name the nations involved in this ping-pong diplomacy? (Hint: Forrest Gump)

2. Connect these statistics:
a. Horse racing: 128
b. Sky diving: 123
c. Hang gliding: 56
d. Mountaineering: 51
e. Scuba diving: 11
f. Motorcycle racing: 7
g. College football: 3
h. Boxing: 1.3

3. This movie is in the Guinness Book for the largest number of producers – 5 lakh of them! Which one?

4. Identify - This cartoon character represents the dark side of science, and has invented a sort of supercomputer that depletes environmental resources in order to augment her own abilities.

5. Insert the word that ends the first word and starts the second. e.g. con (TRACT) ion
a. pro ( ) mars
b. con ( ) rally

Answers go here (please open in a new window). Deadline - Wednesday, September 1st 2010 at 2359 hrs.