Monday, September 6, 2010

General Quiz 3 (GEN-3)

1. “A chain that represents tyranny and slavery lies broken at her feet”. What is being referred to?

Fill in the blanks:

2. -----------, Britannic, Olympic

    M16 - UK
    ___  - INDIA

4. He is one of the best known rock stars. The founder of Queen, he was born in Zanzibar, brought up in India and took the world by storm but died at a relatively young age due to AIDS. What is his real name?

5. This ex-Arsenal football player has a fear of flying and hence always travelled by land. This particular fear of his made him miss many of the European matches for his club. Name him.

Answers go here (please open in a new window). Deadline - Tuesday, September 7th 2010 at 2359 hrs.
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