Thursday, September 9, 2010

IIT Bombay Cliches Quiz (NIC-3)

1. X is a song by popular rock band Y. It achieved cult status in the insti about 10 months ago. The frontman of band Y described the song : “It's about the hunger to be somebody”. About 5 years ago rapper Z did a cover of the song.
Identify X, Y and Z.

2. What is being talked about?
The quantity of water in step 1 plays important role in creating qualitative foam. Very small quantity will not produce enough foam while large quantity will produce soapy foam. If you desire different dosages of ______ and/or sugar, the exact quantity of water in step 1 should vary accordingly. _____ should always be put after stirring otherwise the foam loses all its stability.

3. What is being talked about?
An advantage of the free and open-source nature of X is that several derivatives (mods) have been released which add features to the original client.
Many users send patches to X which are included in future releases, but some features are rejected by the developer. Stated reasons for rejecting a patch are because they are coded poorly, or that the feature is frivolous, abusable or overly specialized, and does not belong in the main client. Examples include: upload bandwidth limiting (many users feel that upload bandwidth limiting is a form of cheating, while other users not using a full-duplex network connection can only achieve reasonable download speeds by limiting uploads), colorized chat, specialized operator functions (e.g. client/share checking).

4. Plot synopsis of a 1915 Charlie Chaplin movie, “A _____ ___”:
After a visit to a pub, Charlie and Ben (both obviously drunk) cause a ruckus at a posh restaurant. Charlie later finds himself in a compromising position at a hotel with the head waiter's wife.

5. The X is a global firm, founded by Bruce Henderson, a Harvard Biz School alumnus in 1963. It has 66 offices in 38 countries, and its current CEO is Hans-Paul B├╝rkner. X is generally ranked as one of the two most "prestigious“ firms in its field in the world.
Identify X.

Answers go here (please open in a new window). Deadline - Saturday, September 18th 2010 at 2359 hrs.
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